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Sam Altman: Vision Pro is the Second Most Impressive Tech since the iPhone, according to Him


Feb 10, 2024

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman praised the Apple Vision Pro as the “second most impressive” tech since the iPhone. The Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset with the potential to usher in a new normal, was lauded by Altman. He cited OpenAI’s ChatGPT as his pick for the most impressive technology. The mixed-reality headset enables users to interact with digital media integrated with the real world, with control through eye and finger movements.

The Vision Pro has been recognized as a revolutionary new tech by Altman, who, however, considers it only the “second most impressive” device to emerge in the past 17 years. While he did not specify the most impressive technology, it is likely he was referring to artificial intelligence, potentially OpenAI’s ChatGPT which launched in November 2022.

ChatGPT has seen widespread influence in industry and daily life and Altman has expressed plans to make it a “supersmart personal assistant” for work. However, he has been noted expressing dislike for the name, indicating a preference for something else. Altman’s relationship with the ChatGPT has been reported as tenuous, with his aversion to the name being highlighted in previous public appearances.

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