Sami Hankinson, a prominent high school triathlete in Edina, says goodbye to her remarkable triathlon journey.

Sami Hankinson has been involved in sports for a long time, going from season to season. However, now there is no “next season,” and she finds it bittersweet. Hankinson is a senior at Edina, and golf, tennis, and hockey have been a significant part of her life. In sophomore year, Hankinson told everyone that she intended to play all three sports in high school when they asked if she intended to focus on one. From that moment on, she decided to play all three sports.

Michael Kraft, the head coach of Edina Women’s Golf, says that when you see Hankinson on the course, you can’t tell whether she’s doing well or not. Sami continued the Hankinson tradition in hockey, winning the state title. Her name is famous in Minnesota sports circles because of her father and uncle, and especially her legendary grandfather John, a former quarterback for the Gophers. Hankinson says that her grandfather was a very quiet player, and she tries to take that into account.

After a meeting at Fox Hollow Golf Club on Monday, Hankinson realized that this might be the last time she wears her Hornet polo shirt. It’s a surreal feeling to end her career as a high school athlete, having known that there would always be an end. She has won numerous state titles and has left her legacy. Hankinson will be attending Indiana University next year but will not be participating in college sports.

Len Clayton grew up in Minneapolis as a sports enthusiast, particularly enjoying the Olympics, Masters Tournaments, and World Series.

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