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Samsung analyzes the “hidden energy consumption”


Feb 13, 2024

A recent study by Samsung Electronics revealed that Europeans spend 86% of their time thinking about household chores rather than actually doing them, a concept termed “invisible load.” This mental and physical tension has significant consequences on the time spent at home. This “invisible load” was analyzed through an index developed in collaboration with Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer of Google. The index aims to rebalance the relationship between thinking and doing by considering the intensity, time, and frequency of domestic activities.

The survey involved over 6,000 participants in Europe and found that on average, each person takes on at least seven household tasks per week, dedicating more than 30 hours to them. This burden has led to high levels of stress and difficulty in maintaining concentration on daily activities. The rising cost of living has exacerbated the situation, making household chores more stressful and difficult to manage for over half of the respondents.

Cleaning the house, shopping, and managing bills were identified as the main domestic activities, all characterized by a high emotional and physical commitment. Despite the availability of advanced home technologies, Europeans spend more time on mental preparation than actually carrying out household tasks. There is a notable willingness towards the adoption of technologies for the connected home, especially in Italy and Spain.

Mo Gawdat and Nathan Sheffield, Head of IOT and SmartThings at Samsung Europe, commented on the importance of managing household chores and the potential benefits of technology in reducing the workload. SmartThings, an offering from Samsung, aims to simplify and optimize the time spent taking care of your home, leaving room for other activities.

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