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Samsung’s virtual influencer SAM debuts new musical theme at Latin American music festivals


Mar 25, 2024

Samsung has launched a new song called “Simple, Así” at the four major music festivals in Latin America in March. The song showcases the features of Galaxy AI, Photo Assist, Live Translate, and Circle to Search with Google, which are all integrated into the new Galaxy S24. As the official sponsor of Lollapalooza Brazil and Argentina in 2024, as well as the Estéreo Picnic festival in Colombia and Asunciónico in Paraguay, Samsung presents the song performed by their digital influencer, SAM. This new theme showcases the capabilities of Galaxy AI technology in the Galaxy S24 series to simplify tasks like photo editing, object searching during video playback, and call translations into multiple languages.

In addition to premiering the song at these music festivals, Samsung will also present an exclusive choreography of the song on its social media platforms as part of its strategy to connect with younger audiences. The company aims to create a unique experience for its audience by transcending digital and physical barriers, particularly among the younger generation.

Arthur Wong, the senior director of Samsung for Latin America, expressed the company’s desire to connect with younger generations authentically through music. Samsung’s involvement in these cultural events in the region in 2024 provides an opportunity to promote the new song and engage with the audience in a meaningful way.

The four main music festivals where Samsung will premiere “Simple, Así” are Lollapalooza Argentina, Lollapalooza Brazil, Estéreo Picnic in Colombia, and Asunciónico in Paraguay. These festivals will take place throughout March, offering a platform for Samsung to showcase its new song and the features of Galaxy AI in the Galaxy S24.

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