“San Francisco’s Deterioration by Progressives Raises Concerns for the Future of New York”

New York City is supposed to be the most prosperous and exciting city in the world, a place that never sleeps. It is known as a place where one can make their mark and be a good person. The city should dominate in the tech and media industries, and capital should come from all corners of the capital market. However, the city has fallen prey to far-left policies, similar to its West Coast cousin, San Francisco.

Unlike London, which is sinking under the weight of bureaucracy and high taxes, New York City is doing nothing to alleviate the burden. The city’s officials seem intent on destroying the economy and driving out businesses, entrepreneurs, and the hard-working middle class. One such policy that has the potential to add further confusion and complexity to the hiring process is the recent bill banning discrimination on the grounds of weight. Indeed, this is just one of the many burdens placed on the New York economy.

Over the past two decades, the city has become one of the world’s most passionate paternalists, setting rules for everything from the amount of drinks allowed to the amount of sugar in food. Business is perplexingly finely regulated, with workers needing certificates and exams to work in certain industries.

Additionally, business owners can be fined for leaving doors and windows open when the air conditioner is on or if the sidewalks outside the premises are not clean enough, and the backdrop of worsening crime in 2022 saw a 22% increase in robberies, thefts, and assaults. These crimes directly impact businesses.

While laws such as the weight discrimination bill may have been introduced with good intentions, it will create more confusion and complexity for employers. Furthermore, it is part of a myriad of burdens on the New York economy that may lead to litigation and hurt businesses.

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