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San Pedro Landmark Building: Proposed Uses for New Business and Museum – Daily Breeze


Sep 7, 2023

The Croatian Cultural Center in San Pedro has been vacant and subject to vandalism for the past five years. However, plans are now in motion to transform the building into a business and community center, with the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce as the main tenant. The building, a former bank from 1928, was saved from demolition in 1997 when the city of Los Angeles purchased it for $450,000. It was intended to be a hub for the town’s Croatian community, offering meeting space and hosting various events. Despite the efforts put into its rehabilitation, the building fell into disuse and disrepair over time. Recent attempts to attract the Croatian consulate general also failed. The building has been subject to break-ins, vandalism, and squatters taking residence inside. Efforts to revamp and repurpose the building will likely take eight to 12 months and require funding for repairs. The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce is currently negotiating a lease with the city’s Department of General Services. Other proposed tenants include a business resource center, a youth center, the San Pedro Waterfront Arts District, and the San Pedro Heritage Museum. The building will also be a cornerstone for a program seeking to revitalize the Pacific Avenue business corridor.

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