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Sandra Benčić: ‘Penava’s trap snared Selak Raspudić. We lay wreaths annually’


Nov 20, 2023

Sandra Benčić, parliamentary representative of the We can party, commented on the Column of Remembrance in Vukovar and other political current events in Croatia. Every year, she and her party visit the Memorial Cemetery and Ovčara to place wreaths for the civilian victims of the Homeland War. They also throw wreaths into the Danube the day after the fall of Vukovar for those who have not yet been found. Benčić emphasized the importance of the government doing everything in its power to find the missing victims of the war.

She addressed the political tension surrounding the wreath-laying ceremony, stating that it is a person and a political party’s right to commemorate in the way they consider appropriate if they do not offend anyone. Benčić also criticized political forces for attempting to sow hatred, division, and fear instead of working towards unity and reconciliation.

Benčić also spoke about the booing of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, describing the act as extremely inappropriate and emphasizing the need to promote politics that discourage division and hatred.

Regarding the upcoming election, Benčić expressed uncertainty about the date of the election and accused Plenković of calculating due to the possibility of a poor election result. She also highlighted the importance of voter turnout and expressed concerns about the state of institutions under Plenković’s leadership.

She discussed her party’s focus on changing the economic model, promoting green deindustrialization, and improving the quality of life for citizens. Benčić concluded by praising her party’s courage to address difficult issues, such as the allocation of funds for the parent-educator measure.

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