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Santee Sioux Form Business Holding Company


Feb 13, 2024

Last week, the Santee Sioux Nation in northern Nebraska chartered Isanti LLC with the goal of growing and expanding tribal-owned businesses. The company will be led by Maunka Morgan, the younger brother of Lance Morgan, who is in charge of the Winnebago tribe’s economic development wing, Ho-Chunk Inc.

Maunka stated that Isanti LLC will be modeled similarly to Ho-Chunk Inc. and that the company will eventually provide the Santee with access to government contracting opportunities. As shareholders of Isanti LLC, the tribe can receive dividends from business revenue, and their businesses on the reservation generate tax revenue and create new job opportunities for people within the community.

Santee tribal chairman Alonzo Denney expressed his belief that the decision to charter an LLC will benefit the tribe in the long term, with a focus on thinking seven generations beyond the present for the future of the nation, the children, and the children’s children. Denney stated that Isanti LLC will manage the tribe’s existing businesses, which include Tatanka Golf Club and several gas stations and convenience stores across northern Nebraska.

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