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SAP’s $1.1B Investment Aims to Establish Leadership in Business AI


Feb 13, 2024

In today’s Cloud Wars Minute, we examine SAP’s bold move into the rapidly growing GenAI revolution. The company is investing $1.1 billion into its Business AI program, highlighting its determination to carve its own path in this pivotal industry. Despite recent layoffs, SAP is emphasizing the need for change and innovation, encouraging its customers to build for the future and meet evolving needs and expectations.

CEO Christian Klein has announced that the company plans to recreate many of the 8,000 positions it recently laid off in order to meet new demands. By the end of the year, SAP expects to maintain approximately the same headcount despite the layoffs. This shows the company’s commitment to adapting to new needs and embracing the GenAI revolution.

SAP plans to invest $1.1 billion in new development, adding significant elements to its successful Rise with SAP program. The program targets companies migrating their SAP workloads and applications from on-premise to the cloud. To access new GenAI capabilities offered by SAP, companies will need to transition to the cloud, adding to the appeal of the program.

The GenAI Revolution has been described by SAP as the greatest opportunity since the rise of the cloud. The company is determined to stay at the forefront of this revolution, following in the footsteps of industry leaders such as Alphabet, AWS, ServiceNow, and IBM. With this massive investment and strategic direction, SAP is asserting its position as a leader in the enterprise application market and aiming to continue leading the way in the years to come.

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