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SAS and Microsoft Team Up to Advance Generative AI Integration


Nov 20, 2023

Data management is key for businesses seeking to make their processes more efficient and stay competitive in the digital age. SAS has announced a partnership with Microsoft to integrate AI solutions on its advanced analytics platform, SAS Viya, which has been found to be faster and more cost-effective than commercial and open-source alternatives.

This partnership with Microsoft will advance the integration of generative Artificial Intelligence solutions, which is the next frontier in data management. SAS has invested in industrial solutions based on AI and focuses on ethical AI when managing sensitive data in sectors like banking and healthcare.

The SAS Viya platform includes functions such as bias detection and model monitoring to ensure responsible AI. Additionally, the platform offers training on responsible innovation to help analysts use correct data processing.

AI and machine learning are not limited to the corporate world. In sports, data analysis and AI can play a crucial role in improving the performance of athletes. The French Rugby Federation has used the SAS Viya platform to analyze international matches and extract strategic information for the team.

The platform has helped the French Rugby team make well-informed decisions to improve performance and increase victories. It has also been used to analyze different aspects of the game, such as lineouts, passing, tackling, and scrums, to guide the coaching staff in their decisions about the team’s strategies.

This data-driven approach has helped the French Rugby team achieve significant success, demonstrating the potential of data analysis and AI in sports.

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