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Schlein gathers European Democratic Party leaders to discuss candidacies


Feb 13, 2024

The agenda for February 19th is set to shed light on the plans of the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein. This includes lists for the European elections in June and Schlein’s personal candidacy. The call will assess the political situation and the PSE congress of 1 and 2 March in Rome. The PSE congress is seen as the event where Schlein will enter the field as a candidate. There is a belief in the party that the secretary cannot step back from her candidacy, given the ongoing duel with Giorgia Meloni, and a step backwards would send a negative signal to the electorate. There is a discussion about Schlein running in all constituencies as the head of the list or only in some. The Democratic leadership group is in favor of Schlein running in all constituencies.

Schlein has been involved in confidential contacts regarding the European elections and the management summons came soon after. The issue for Schlein is not so much who to nominate but who to leave out, as the list of aspirants is expanding every day and the places at the top of the lists are limited. There are reflections on some ‘incidents’ that occurred during the Schlein secretariat, including the vote on Asap, which is alive in the memories of the highest ranking leaders.

The names of potential candidates for various constituencies are being discussed, including the head of delegation Brando Benifei and his deputy Elisabetta Gualmini, the doctor from Lampedusa, Pietro Bartolo, Mayor of Pesaro Matteo Ricci, Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, and others. There are discussions on who to nominate for the various constituencies and the potential impact on local elections.

There are discussions about who to nominate for the various constituencies, including names like Cecilia Strada, Stefano Bonaccini, Andrea Orlando, Emanuele Fiano, and Alessandro Zan. There is a focus on putting in place open lists that aim to represent the society we have around us, and Schlein underlines the need for the lists to not be a consolation prize, an instrument of revenge, or internal counting.

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