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Science and Industry Museum closes on Wednesday for artifact relocation


Apr 3, 2024

The Museum of Science and Industry in Hyde Park unexpectedly closed to the public on April 3rd for unplanned maintenance, as reported by museum officials. The closure was due to the relocation of military artifacts from the Museum’s archives, with specially trained military personnel and local officials present to ensure safe removal. The decision to close to the public was made out of caution during the assessment and removal process.

The museum plans to resume normal admission hours on Thursday, allowing visitors to once again explore the exhibits and attractions. Ticketholders for the day of closure will be refunded or given the option to rebook their reservation by calling 773-684-1414.

Overall, the museum’s closure was necessary to ensure the safe handling and relocation of valuable artifacts, emphasizing the importance of preserving and protecting historical items for future generations to enjoy. The Museum of Science and Industry looks forward to welcoming visitors back and continuing to provide educational and engaging experiences for all.

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