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Science North’s resident beaver is being relocated to a new facility


Nov 21, 2023

Kash, the resident beaver at Science North in Sudbury, Ont., will be relocating to a new facility later this month. He has been at Science North since 2016, when he arrived as a kit. Amy Henson, the centre’s senior scientist, explained that their facility was only built to accommodate one beaver. She mentioned that Kash has reached a point in his life where he needs increased social engagement with other animals, especially other beavers.

Science North is part of a network called Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums, which helps member organizations work together and exchange animals in some cases. Although Henson did not disclose where Kash’s new home will be, she stated that it’s a facility that Science North has worked with extensively in the past. In the immediate future, Science North does not plan to get another beaver. Instead, the enclosure will be used for smaller animals like turtles and some fish species.

Henson expressed that even though Science North will no longer have a beaver, there are still many other animals for people to explore. She emphasized that beavers are Canada’s iconic animal and encouraged visitors to come and discover the other animals at the centre.

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