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Secretary of Defense Austin Returns to Hospital


Feb 11, 2024

The US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, was taken to the hospital again on Sunday, almost two weeks after his controversial secret hospital stay. He is being treated for an emerging bladder problem. Although the Pentagon has stated that he will continue to carry out official business while in the clinic.

Last year, Austin was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent an operation. After a minor procedure on December 22nd, he initially returned home but was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital on January 1st due to complications. The White House was not informed about it until January 4th, and Congress a day later. President Joe Biden only found out about the cancer diagnosis on January 9th.

The White House and the Pentagon have launched internal investigations into the case. Austin returned to work at the Pentagon on January 29th after two doctors declared that his cancer had been treated early and effectively.

Republican representatives have called for the firing of the Pentagon chief, while Democrat Biden criticized a lack of communication but said he continued to have confidence in his defense secretary. There are also various other unrelated website links in the content.

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