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Selak Criticizes Benčić for Throwing Wreath into Danube, Calls it a “Quasi-Leftist Pretense”


Nov 20, 2023

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After Milorad Pupovac was unable to do so, Sandra Benčić laid a wreath in the Danube in Vukovar on Sunday for all the civilian victims of the war. Only by acknowledging and regretting the suffering of all who experienced it, and by punishing those responsible, will we really be able to build lasting peace and turn to the future – wrote Mozemo!. They immediately attacked their move yesterday from Most, saying that Benčić is a bigger Pupovac than Pupovac. . – He thinks that by throwing a wreath into the Danube for all the victims, he is demonstrating his progressiveness, but in fact he nurtures a typical Yugoslav complex, according to which there must not be a single day that recognizes Croatia’s sacrifice and merit for the victory in the defensive war, without the Serbs being recognized sooner and better – they wrote.- That external humanism is more dehumanizing than callousness because when someone is callous there is an alternative. This serves to give you a medal that you are better than others, and that offends all citizens of Croatia. This is nothing but a quasi-leftist move – said Marija Selak Raspudić for N1. – Let them explain who exactly was marched for in the Column of Remembrance, which civilian victims the official Column does not recognize and who exactly was killed on November 19. It is extremely inappropriate to throw a wreath on that day. Let them say who they are throwing it for, without Kolona admitting it. It is an expressed form of callousness and the matter is not banal. That’s why we say Pupovac is bigger than Pupovac, because Pupovac himself retired this year – she added.

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