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Seniors in Broken Arrow embrace technology in community class


Apr 4, 2024

Broken Arrow Senior Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma recently hosted a “step into technology” event for seniors to learn about their smartphones. Volunteers taught them how to use their phones for tasks like taking photos, managing contacts, and making calls. Participants like Loreita Belding were excited to learn new skills and had a great time at the event.

During one-on-one sessions, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized help with their devices. Joan Lock, another attendee, enjoyed learning about camera functions and storage on her iPhone. Everyone received tips on taking selfies and clearing storage to optimize their phones.

Organized by Ami Bucher, the senior center’s manager, the event was a valuable opportunity for seniors to improve their technology skills. Bucher emphasized the importance of patient instruction and ongoing practice for learning new technology. The positive feedback from participants has prompted the center to plan future technology learning events to continue supporting seniors in their tech education.

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