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September 10, 2023 Edition: Sunday Book Review – The Top Business Books for September featuring Thomas Fox, Compliance Evangelist


Sep 10, 2023

In the Sunday Book Review, I take into account books that are likely to pique the interest of compliance professionals, business executives, or anyone with a curiosity for various topics. These books can cover a wide range of subjects such as business, compliance, history, leadership, current events, and more. In today’s edition of the Sunday Book Review, I will continue my exploration of books on crime as part of my summer reading list. Additionally, I will be highlighting some of the top books on auditing, which cater to both audit professionals and compliance professionals.

Here are a few notable books that are worth considering:

1. “The Confidence Map” by Peter Atwater: This book delves into the concept of trust and how it impacts decision-making within various aspects of life and business.

2. “How Trust Works” by Peter Kim: Exploring the theme of trust further, this book provides insights into how trust is built, nurtured, and maintained in personal and professional relationships.

3. “The Age of Prediction” by Igor Tulchinsky and Christopher Mason: Focusing on the prevalence of predictive analytics, this book examines the power and potential risks of using algorithms to predict future outcomes.

4. “The Perennials” by Mario Gullien: This book takes a unique approach to auditing by drawing inspiration from the principles and practices of perennial philosophy, offering fresh perspectives for audit and compliance professionals.

These books not only cater to professionals in specific fields but also offer valuable insights and knowledge for individuals with diverse interests.

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