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Serbs in Despair After Slovenia and Czech Republic Win: ‘This is the Worst News Before the EP’


Nov 21, 2023

Serbia celebrated its first placement at the European Championship after 24 years on Sunday in Leskovac. They only needed a point against Bulgaria to secure their spot, but they faced a dramatic situation. As they were losing to Bulgaria, Montenegro was leading in Hungary, which meant Serbia might not make it to the Euros. However, the Hungarians won in the end, and Serbia earned a point with a 2-2 tie. Nevertheless, they will regret the draw as the Czech Republic won against Moldova, and Slovenia won against Kazakhstan, pushing Serbia into the fourth strong group before the draw.

The draw for the Euro will feature four strong groups, and Serbia’s national team will be found in the weakest hat on December 2nd. They won’t be able to get the Italians out, who will also likely be in the last strong group, and Switzerland could be there as well. The Serbian public is not happy with the news, feeling disappointed with their placement in the draw.

As for Croatia, if they win against Armenia and secure the Euro, they will also secure a place in the third pot and push the Italians to the last. The Netherlands, Scotland, Slovenia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic are already there. The strongest teams, including Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, and England, are in the first hat. One of these teams will have to be faced by the lower-seeded teams.

Hungary, Denmark, Albania, and Austria are currently in the black hat. The draw for Euro 2024 has created a buzz of excitement and disappointment among the teams and their fans.

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