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Serious Accident on 27th Causes Hospitalization of 4 People and Damage to Businesses, Including Vine


Sep 19, 2023

Four people were taken to Lincoln Hospital overnight after a speeding pickup truck collided with another vehicle in Lincoln, Nebraska. The accident happened on Vine Street just after midnight on Tuesday, the 27th. It involved a sedan and a pickup truck, with the pickup truck suffering extensive damage. The collision caused several windows of the Kohl’s Pharmacy to break and the front door to be destroyed.

According to Max Hubka, the pickup truck was briefly followed by the Lincoln Police Department, possibly as far south as 27th and Nebraska Parkway, but the vehicle was not pursued. The collision took place at an intersection. Lincoln Fire Rescue had to extricate three individuals from the pickup truck and one person from the sedan. All those involved in the accident sustained serious injuries.

Police are currently gathering more information about the incident and will release further details as the investigation progresses. The duration of the intersection closure is uncertain, but it may reopen in time for the morning commute. This serious crash serves as a reminder of the importance of safe driving and road awareness to prevent such accidents.

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