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Servotech Power partners with Electra EV to develop advanced fast DC charging technology


Apr 3, 2024

Servotech Power Systems, a company specializing in EV chargers and solar solutions, and Electra EV, a company focused on electric vehicle powertrain solutions, have recently joined forces to develop a jointly owned EV charger technology. This technology has been patented and will enable fast DC charging of any GB/T Bharat DC 001 vehicle that operates on sub 200V DC platforms. By adding a connector using a small additional gadget to the CCS2 charging network, these solutions will provide seamless charging compatibility without the need for expensive dual infrastructure deployment. This innovation will benefit both passenger services and commercial vehicles that rely on the GB/T Bharat DC 001 protocol.

Arun Handa, the CTO of Servotech Power Systems, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating that it brings together exceptional technological expertise and a commitment to innovation. The joint ownership of these patents will accelerate the development of a next-generation EV charging ecosystem that will benefit businesses and consumers alike. This partnership between Servotech Power Systems and Electra EV will contribute to the advancement of the EV industry in India and other countries that adopt the GB/T Bharat DC 001 standard.

Samir Yajnik, the CEO of Electra EV, emphasized that this breakthrough technology aligns with their mission to drive the transition to electric vehicles. He sees incredible potential in the solutions that will result from this collaboration in furthering India’s EV growth journey.

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