Seth Rollins Secures WWE World Heavyweight Title at Night of Champions

Based on the latest betting odds, there is a high chance that Seth “Freakin’ Rollins” from Sylvia Elizabeth Pangalo/Shutterstock will make history by becoming the first male wrestler to hold WWE’s New World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins, who recently beat AJ Styles on a weekend night, has an advantage over the fan favorite. Currently, BetOnline shows that Rollins’ odds of winning the main event against Styles are at -1500, with odds of +600 as the clear underdog.

In recent months, Rollins has regained support from the WWE Universe. He is a five-time World Champion and will represent WWE RAW during matches. Additionally, the promotion has introduced a new throne to keep the fans engaged. On the other hand, Styles, who is representing WWE SmackDown, is a 10-time World Champion himself. Since his debut in 2016, he has held the WWE Championship twice and has been a Grand Slam Champion.

Earlier this month, WWE began its World Heavyweight Championship tournament with four triple threat matches on the May 8 and May 12 episodes of “Raw” and “SmackDown.” The winners of these matches, Rollins and Finn Balor, and Styles and Bobby Lashley, will compete in the main event to determine the final two contestants. The final round of the tournament will take place during WWE’s Night of Champions event in Saudi Arabia.

Last month, Triple H spoke about the upcoming champion, stating that, “This is going to be a champion to be proud of. This will be a champion you can look up to and admire. This will be a champion defending this championship anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the world.”

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