Severe weather threat causes early conclusion of Cruel World Festival – Reported by NBC Los Angeles

On Saturday night, festival-goers at the Cruel World Festival were left disappointed when the Rose Bowl was evacuated due to the threat of severe thunderstorms. The National Weather Service issued a warning that the storm could bring heavy rain, strong gusts, minor hail, and lightning. The storm was expected to pass just before 9:30 p.m, leaving fans frustrated that they were not able to see the headliner, Susie Sue, perform.

At the festival, a message was displayed on the big screen warning about the approaching bad weather and asking people to evacuate the stadium immediately. The announcement was made during the performance of Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger,” and the evacuation message played over the speakers. One festival-goer recounted how they thought that the announcement was a joke at first, but when it was repeated, they realized it was serious.

Many fans who had paid between $159 and $800 for tickets to the festival demanded a refund after they were forced to leave the venue due to the weather threat. By midnight, the crowded parking lot at the Rose Bowl was still slowly emptying, with festival-goers disappointed that they had missed out on seeing their favorite performers.

Despite the disappointment, the safety of everyone at the event was of utmost importance. The organizers of the festival, Cruel World, had issued a statement on Twitter, asking people to exit the venue and move to their cars or a protected area outside. They had urged festival-goers to take care and stay safe until the weather threat had passed.

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