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Share Your Thoughts on the Role of Technology in Your Love Life!


Feb 12, 2024

Technology has significantly impacted our romantic lives dating back to the invention of the telephone. Over the years, there have been several significant moments that have reshaped the landscape of dating and relationships. From the migration of pornography to the internet, to the transition of online dating from desktops to mobile devices, the rise of social media apps making it easier to keep tabs on exes, and the integration of Bluetooth-enabled sex toys with our phones, technology has continuously altered the way we navigate the dating world.

In my weekly column, Third Wheel, I explore the ever-shifting dating culture and the impact of technology on our connections. As technology becomes more advanced, I can’t help but wonder how it’s influencing the way we form relationships. Will we soon see a future where using ChatGPT’s suggestions to flirt becomes widely accepted? Could virtual dinner dates with digital avatars of ourselves and potential partners become a new norm?

If you have a story or experience related to how technology has impacted your dating life, I want to hear from you. Whether it’s through the form below or another means of communication, I may reach out to you for an upcoming article. I value your input and will always seek your permission before publishing anything. Your contact information will strictly remain within our newsroom and will not be used for any other purpose or shared outside of our organization.

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