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Shelor Motor Mile donates two sports venues to Pulaski County


Apr 4, 2024

On Wednesday, Pulaski County received its largest donation ever when Shelor Motor Mile gifted the famous 152-acre speedway in Fairlawn to the county. While Shelor Motor Mile will continue to operate the track for the next three years, they will donate all net revenue to the county. County administrator Jonathan Sweet stated that they will be working closely with Shelor Motor Mile to understand the industry and finances of the track.

Having the speedway in county hands will bring new opportunities to the area beyond just racing. Sweet mentioned the possibility of hosting events like five K races, high school sports programs, and fundraising activities at the speedway. This gift also included Calfee Ball Park, which will be managed by Shelor for the next three years to ensure a smooth transition to the county.

County officials believe that owning these assets will lead to significant benefits for Pulaski County. Sweet expressed their vision of becoming the top professional sports and entertainment venue in southwestern Virginia with these new assets. Shelor Motor Mile is currently investing in improving the speedway facility to prepare for the upcoming season.

This donation marks a turning point for Pulaski County and sets the stage for exciting new opportunities in sports and entertainment.

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