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Shop owner vows to fight back after revocation of their second-hand goods business license


Sep 17, 2023

A Dutch business owner whose license was revoked by the City Council last week is planning to fight back against the decision. The council voted to revoke the company’s antiques business license due to a complaint about a lack of running water at the store. An inspection conducted by CNS and the Netherlands Public Security Agency Fire Department found numerous violations of property management codes and fire department regulations, both inside and outside the building. Violations included material accumulation, the use of extension cords as permanent wiring, and trash in the cold air return. A letter was sent to the owner, Luan Asay, informing her of the violations, but no corrective action was taken. Asay, who took over the store after her mother passed away in 2016, claims the Neighborhood Services Department has been pursuing her with complaints for years. She believes the inspection and subsequent complaint were a fishing expedition to find violations. Asay argues that she doesn’t need a business license as she is mainly selling the remaining inventory before closing the store. Despite initially suspending Asay’s license, she continued to operate. The City Council has now revoked her license, and further actions may be taken if the violations are not corrected. Asay plans to fight the decision, stating that she doesn’t believe the council has any standing in this matter.

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