Shop Party’s 50-Year Milestone Celebrated with Fast Service | News, Sports, Jobs

The Quick Service Bicycle Shop will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next month with a shop party. Family-owned bike shop Bev Reed and store employee Dave Crow met with Bridgeport Village Council on Tuesday to discuss the event and to request road closures. The party will take place on June 24th at the shop, with the festivities beginning at 8:00 AM on a cycle road at Wheeling Heritage Port.

The celebrations will include a shop sale from 10am to 2pm, followed by a free barbecue lunch from 2pm to 4pm, live music from the band Fairmay, and a chance for attendees to win a $50 gift card. Due to the nature of the outdoor event and the expected crowd, Crowe requested that the block in front of the store be closed from noon to 5 p.m. Reed added that the road was dangerous due to fast-moving cars.

Attorney Michael Shaheen suggested clearing the area an hour earlier than proposed to allow for traffic rerouting, and advised the police chief to conduct a patrol of the area before city council approval. Despite a lack of quorum, the request to close part of the road on June 24th from 11am to 5pm was unanimously approved by the council subject to Bumba’s approval. Reed and Crowe invited city council members to attend the event, which they hope will bring joy to the Bridgeport community.

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