• Wed. May 29th, 2024

Sigma Defense to Create Virtual Reality System for US Army Intelligence Training


May 15, 2024

Sigma Defense Systems, a technology company, has secured a $4.7 million task order to develop a virtual reality intelligence training ecosystem for the US Army. This project, known as OMNIVORE-IT, will involve creating a next-generation training platform that utilizes augmented intelligence and spatial computing technologies to enhance training for warfighters.

The contract, which will span one year, highlights Sigma’s commitment to leveraging advanced solutions to improve warfighter performance in joint all-domain command and control missions. The company will collaborate with Brightline Interactive, a Virginia-based augmented and virtual reality developer, to complete the project.

Sigma’s Executive Vice President, Thor James, emphasized the importance of creating a dynamic training ecosystem that can adapt to evolving technologies. By incorporating cloud-based spatial computing, AI workflows, and augmented reality environments, the company aims to revolutionize training across multiple domains for soldiers.

The US Army has been actively pursuing virtual reality training initiatives, including virtual shooting exercises for special forces personnel and the development of simulators for future pilots. These efforts demonstrate a growing emphasis on utilizing advanced technologies to enhance training and preparedness for military operations.


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