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Simone Biles secures a place on the USA Gymnastics World Team during the selection camp


Sep 20, 2023

Simone Biles recently spoke to the press about her future goals in gymnastics, as well as her growing age in the sport and whether she still has another year left. The World Gymnastics Championships are approaching, and the American women’s team is focused on team building. A selection camp will determine the six gymnasts who will be on the U.S. touring team, with the athlete obtaining the highest overall score after the first day securing their spot. It is highly likely that Simone Biles will be selected, as she recently won her eighth U.S. title by a significant margin. As long as she remains healthy, no other gymnasts will have a chance to surpass her. The remaining five team members will be announced after the second day of competition, and the team and alternate team will be named before the World Championship begins. The U.S. women’s qualifying session and team finals are scheduled for October 1st and October 4th respectively.

During the selection camp, Biles had a roller coaster experience but ultimately secured her spot on the world championship team by winning the individual all-around on the first day. Despite making errors on all four events, she still finished with a score higher than the reigning world silver medalist. The remaining team members will be named on the second day of competition, and it is expected that Series Jones will join Biles in the pursuit of a record seventh straight world championship title.

Although Biles had a mistake on her vault, she managed to maintain her lead after the first day of competition. However, she fell behind Jones on the uneven bars, a event in which Jones could potentially challenge for a world title next month. If Jones finishes ahead of Biles, she will automatically earn a spot on the world championship team and become the first athlete to defeat Biles in an official individual all-around competition since 2013. Biles had some setbacks, including going out of bounds, falling off the uneven bars, and receiving neutral deductions. She heads into the final event in third place, trailing behind Kaliyah Lincoln and Series Jones. However, Biles is known for her strength in vault, which gives her a significant advantage. Jones, on the other hand, will compete on the uneven bars, presenting a challenge for Biles in securing the world championship title.

Throughout the selection camp, there were scoring glitches that affected the standings temporarily, but they were quickly corrected. Biles is currently in 4th place at the halfway point, but she has shown potential for a comeback. Her next two best events, floor exercise and vault, are yet to come. However, competition has been tough, and Biles is facing stiff competition for the first time in a decade. Regardless, it is highly unlikely that the U.S. team would leave Biles behind, especially since the championships are being held in her hometown.

During the team selection camp, Biles fell on the uneven bars, which is her weakest event. This resulted in her finishing sixth after the first event. However, Biles is still optimistic and hasn’t ruled out her chances of qualifying for the world championship team. She excels in vault, especially with her Yurchenko’s double pike, which has a higher difficulty level compared to other gymnasts. Biles has the potential to recover and secure her spot on the world championship team.

Despite the challenges faced during the selection camp, Biles remains determined to reach her future goals. She knows the importance of building a strong team lineup for gymnastics competitions, as it plays a key role in maximizing scoring potential. The selection camp is akin to putting together a puzzle, considering the scoring format of the sport. The top gymnasts will qualify for the world championship team, and the competition will be broadcast exclusively on FlipNow.tv, USA Gymnastics’ subscription streaming service. The camp consists of four rotations, with each rotation featuring different events. Biles is determined to make the most of her remaining events, showcasing her skills in vault and floor exercise.

Overall, Simone Biles continues to prove herself as a dominant force in gymnastics, despite facing challenges and competition. She remains focused on her future goals and is determined to make her mark in the upcoming World Gymnastics Championships.

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