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Six Decades of the World’s Most Iconic Car: A Celebration of the Aston Martin DB5’s 60th Anniversary


Sep 13, 2023

September marks the 60th anniversary of the Aston Martin DB5, one of the most iconic cars in the world. This model has become synonymous with British culture, design, and innovation, firmly establishing Aston Martin as a top luxury brand. Even after six decades, the DB5 remains one of the most recognizable cars in the world. It was featured at the Goodwood Revival festival alongside the latest addition to the DB bloodline, the DB12. Aston Martin’s Executive Chairman, Lawrence Stroll, reflects on the DB5’s enduring appeal and its significant role in the brand’s heritage.

In 1963, Aston Martin was at the height of its popularity with the successful DB4 model. However, to stay ahead of stiff competition, the brand needed something new. The DB5 made its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, featuring several design and technical changes, including a more powerful engine. The name DB5 quickly became associated with style and desirability. The saloon and convertible versions of the DB5 were in production for just over two years but managed to build a reputation that makes them highly desired cars today. The DB5’s prominence in James Bond movies and ownership by celebrities like The Beatles and Mick Jagger further solidified its place in automotive history.

Despite its fame, only a limited number of DB5s were produced: 887 saloons, 123 convertibles, and 12 bespoke coach-built shooting brakes. However, these numbers didn’t prevent the DB5 from propelling Aston Martin from a niche sports car maker to a global superstar. The DB5 showcased a new 4.0-liter engine that produced 282 bhp, offering impressive performance for its time. The car’s sleek design and top speed exceeding 150 mph made it the fastest regular 4-seat GT car in the world. The success of the DB5 laid the foundation for future Aston Martin models, such as the DB12, which demonstrates the brand’s continued leadership in performance, dynamics, and technology.

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