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Six Exercises to Ease Back Pain for Those with Arthritis


Apr 2, 2024

People with arthritis can benefit from exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles around the back joints, such as side stretches and knee rolls. Exercise, in general, can help reduce muscle tension and inflammation in people with arthritis. Studies have shown that appropriate forms of exercise for arthritis include low-impact aerobic exercise, water exercises like swimming, muscle-strengthening exercises, and balance training. The choice of exercise should depend on the individual’s symptoms, pain level, medical condition, and overall fitness. For optimal results, patients can combine aerobic and strengthening exercises with stretching.

There are several exercises that can help maintain strength and flexibility in the back, reduce pain, and improve range of motion for people with arthritis. These exercises include reaching left and right, twisting the body, practicing the cat-cow pose, doing the bridge pose, pelvic tightening, and knee rolls. It is important for individuals with severe arthritis to avoid high-intensity exercises and activities that may strain or put pressure on the back.

Patients should consult with their doctors before starting an exercise routine, especially if they have not exercised for a while or experience severe joint pain. It is advisable to warm up thoroughly before exercising and stretch after to avoid stiffness. Starting with light intensity and gradually increasing the intensity can help prevent stress on the joints and reduce the risk of injury. If any exercise causes pain, individuals should stop and seek advice from their doctors before continuing.

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