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Slavonian Workers Establish Trade Union in Response to Boss’s Involvement with Infected Pigs


Nov 21, 2023

Tomorrow, an important protest is scheduled in Retkovci at 10 a.m., organized by the Stožer for the defense of the Croatian countryside. The aim of the protest is to address numerous measures in place due to the African swine fever epidemic. The call to action is for all farmers, livestock farmers, citizens, peasants, and workers to come out and show their support.

Tomislav Pokrovac, a representative from the Stožer, emphasized the importance of saving the Croatian countryside. Their demands include an immediate end to the euthanasia of healthy pigs and the implementation of a law allowing the circulation of healthy pigs and the operation of slaughterhouses in Slavonia and Baranja to improve the situation in the region.

However, an issue has emerged with the appointment of Duško Pavlik as the President of the Trade Union, as he is mentioned in a criminal complaint from September for moving pigs within a restricted zone. This movement is believed to have contributed to the spread of the African swine fever, causing damage to Croatian pig farmers and the state budget.

Despite these controversies, the call for support at the protest remains strong. It is seen as a crucial opportunity to bring attention to the issues facing the Croatian countryside and to push for positive change in the region. The Ministry of Agriculture reiterated the severity of the African swine fever epidemic and emphasized the significant economic impact it can have. They also highlighted the efforts made by the government to compensate pig farmers for their losses.

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