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Small Business Development Center Devoted to Survey Assistance for Businesses


Sep 8, 2023

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno has launched business surveys for small businesses in Washoe County. These surveys will be open from July 31 to September 15 and aim to collect data to provide support and assistance to local business owners who may be experiencing financial and economic difficulties.

Brad Scribner, community project manager at the Nevada SBDC, emphasized the importance of gathering data directly from small business owners to gain a clearer understanding of the situation on the ground. This information will help the Nevada SBDC and its partners better strategize their resource offerings, trainings, and assistance programs. The collected data can also be used to identify specific challenges faced by different regions in Washoe County.

As Scribner explained, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant negative impact on small businesses, making it crucial to support these business owners. The Nevada SBDC aims to understand how Nevada small businesses can adapt and expand while addressing their current problems. By adjusting their program offerings based on the challenges Northern Nevada businesses are facing, the Nevada SBDC hopes to make a larger impact in helping these businesses thrive.

The survey will provide valuable insights into the top issues faced by small businesses. While it is difficult to predict the challenges that will arise in 2023, Scribner identified developing growth plans, finding new customers, and managing cash flow as the top challenges in 2022. With the economy still recovering from the pandemic, securing financing and labor and energy costs are expected to be significant obstacles to business growth in the coming years.

Once the survey is completed, the Nevada SBDC will share the data with their partners statewide. This collaborative approach ensures that small business resource organizations across Nevada have the necessary knowledge to better serve their constituencies.

If you are a business owner in Northern Nevada, you can participate in the SBDC 2023 Nevada Small Business Challenges Survey by registering in English or Spanish.

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