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SNCF Controllers to Continue Strike over February 16 Weekend, Management Urges Caution


Feb 13, 2024

SUD-Rail and the CGT have decided to maintain the call for a strike by SNCF controllers for the weekend of February 16, during the school holidays, particularly in the Paris region. Fabien Villedieu, member of the federal office of SUD-Rail, confirmed on Tuesday morning that “70 to 90% of the controllers” were expected to strike. They are demanding a salary increase and better consideration of their end of career. Despite management offering a new exceptional bonus of 400 euros, which is in addition to that of 400 euros already announced in December, the strike will still go ahead.

SNCF CEO Jean-Pierre Farandou stated that the salaries of controllers and captains have increased “on average by 500 euros” per month for two years but acknowledged that it is “complicated to say yes to everything”. The SNCF must communicate its traffic plan on Wednesday morning and it is not yet clear if meeting their priorities will be possible.

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