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Some players express a preference for natural grass over synthetic turf, says Roger Goodell


Sep 13, 2023

The debate over turf versus grass fields in the NFL has become more heated, especially after Aaron Rodgers’ injury. Lloyd Howell, the executive director of the NFL Players Association, recently called for all NFL fields to be made of grass. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also addressed the issue, stating that he understands the players’ preference for grass as it is faster. However, he also mentioned the importance of advancing the science behind injury prevention. Sadly, it is unlikely that a unanimous decision will be reached due to the manipulation of data by both leagues and unions to support their own arguments.

While players express their preference for grass fields, it is important to note that there is a lack of clarity regarding who these players are and where they are from. Unlike the Thursday night debate, where some players dislike the situation and others welcome the benefits, the preference for grass on a larger scale seems to be relatively balanced. However, there are very few, if any, players who openly declare their preference for grass fields. It would be beneficial for these players to share their opinion on the matter, and if they remain silent, it would be appropriate for Goodell or another league representative to speak on their behalf.

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