Meet the South Philadelphia dry cleaner chargeable for retaining Eagles jerseys pristine

Meet the South Philadelphia dry cleaner responsible for keeping Eagles jerseys pristine 01:27

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Have you ever ever questioned what occurs to NFL gamers’ uniforms after a sport? Do they get new ones each week, or are myths true about sporting the identical jersey?

For over 10 years, Rins One Hour Cleaner At South Philly, the Eagles have stored themselves in the identical fine condition they’re on the sphere.

“I am all the time screaming at over-the-top TV,” stated Joe Rattangio.

In any case, he is chargeable for eradicating cussed grass stains on sport day.

“That is from final week,” stated Rattanzio. “Consider it or not, they have been so good with their jerseys.”

The Latanzio run the enterprise they inherited from their mother and father and their strategies stay easy. Add some elbow grease together with cleaning soap and water.

“Generally we do like six or seven,” stated Rattanzio. “The extra you rub, the extra it comes out.”


Some uniforms require extra work than others.

“Most linemen get soiled,” stated Rattanzio. “That is Mr. Sweat. He ripped his jersey.”

Nevertheless it did not get to dig into the grime on the coveted primary Jaylen Hurts.

“His jersey just isn’t obtainable,” stated Rattanzio.

For Ratanzio, this work is a crystallization of affection.

“That is my life,” stated Rattanzio. “I do not wish to be the rest. Dry he is pleased to be cleansing.”

particularly that going to the super bowl Philadelphia Eagles.


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