• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Southern Italy’s First Heart Rhythm Patients Treated with Advanced Robotic Technology


Jun 12, 2024

On June 11, 2024, Stereotaxis (NYSE: STXS) announced a milestone achievement as Hospital Santa Maria della Pietà in Nola, Southern Italy, established the first robotic cardiac heart program in the region. This program utilizes the cutting-edge Genesis Robotic Magnetic Navigation (RMN) system to successfully treat patients with heart rhythm disorders through robotic ablation procedures. Dr. Mario Volpicelli, Head of the Electrophysiology Unit at the hospital, emphasized the importance of improving patient outcomes with the precision and control offered by the Genesis RMN system.

Robotic Magnetic Navigation brings the benefits of robotic precision and safety to cardiac ablation procedures, a common minimally invasive treatment for arrhythmias. Millions of people worldwide suffer from arrhythmias, which can increase the risk of serious conditions such as stroke, heart failure, and cardiac arrest if left untreated. Hospital Santa Maria della Pietà’s adoption of the Genesis system represents a significant advancement in providing top-notch care to patients in Italy.

Giuseppe Russo, General Manager of the hospital, and Luigi Caliendo, Chief of the Cardiology Department, expressed their pride in revolutionizing cardiac treatment through innovative robotic technology. Stereotaxis Chairman and CEO, David Fischel, highlighted the partnership with Hospital Santa Maria della Pietà in bringing the benefits of robotics to patients in Italy. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to advancing standards of care, innovation, and patient-focused solutions in the field of electrophysiology.


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