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Spain Takes Legal Action against Soccer Chief for World Cup Smooch as Luis Rubiales Finally Speaks Out after a Week


Sep 1, 2023

The government of Spain has taken steps to remove Luis Rubiales, the suspended soccer chief, from his position. Rubiales has faced severe criticism and calls for his resignation following his behavior during and after Spain’s Women’s World Cup triumph. He kissed player Jenni Hermoso on the lips without consent and made a lewd gesture of victory. This conduct was televised globally and has brought embarrassment to the nation. A Spanish government legal panel is now investigating Rubiales and will decide if he abused his authority or damaged Spain’s image at a sporting event. If found guilty, he could be banned from office for two years.

Rubiales made his first public statement since the controversy, expressing regret for his actions but claiming that the kiss with Hermoso was mutual and consensual. He also mentioned that he participated in FIFA and the federation’s internal investigations. The government panel’s decision to classify Rubiales’ acts as “serious” instead of “very serious” has disappointed the government, as it restricts their ability to suspend him from office. However, the government will request that the panel considers suspending him provisionally. FIFA has already suspended Rubiales for 90 days, and the panel’s decision puts more pressure on him.

Support for Rubiales has dwindled significantly, with even his few original supporters distancing themselves from him. Apologies have been issued by influential figures who previously applauded Rubiales’ behavior, and pressure is mounting for his resignation. Meanwhile, support for Hermoso has been overwhelming, with officials, athletes, and celebrities expressing their support for her. Small protests against Rubiales have taken place in several cities. The case will be ruled upon by the legal panel, and there is no set timeframe for their decision.

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