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Span Takes Full Ownership of Bonsai Company


Apr 3, 2024

The Croatian IT company Span recently finalized a contract to purchase and sell 30 percent of the business share in Bonsai for 750 thousand euros. By buying the remaining 30 percent, Span acquired full ownership of Bonsai and announced plans to merge it with Span. Additionally, there were intentions to merge the related company Ekobit, wholly owned by Span, into the newly combined entity.

The integration of Bonsai and Ekobit into Span aims to unify the company’s software and AI solutions, providing a unique offering in the market under the Span brand. AI solutions, along with cloud and cybersecurity, have been identified as key strategic directions for Span moving forward.

The expected date for the merger to take effect is at the end of the second quarter of 2024, after which Bonsai and Ekobit will operate under the unified Span brand. The increased adoption of AI solutions in organizations has prompted a focus on generative artificial intelligence to further accelerate this trend. Businesses are increasingly considering how AI solutions can enhance their processes and operations.

According to Span, the merger will strengthen the company’s AI capabilities and is anticipated to generate significant profits in the years ahead. Nikola Dujmovi, the President of the Span Management Board, highlighted the importance of this move in advancing the company’s AI offerings and driving future growth.

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