• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Sporting events fueling economic growth in Panama City Beach


Jun 12, 2024

Panama City Beach is not only attracting families for its beautiful beaches but also for its sports tourism. Bay County leaders highlighted the significant economic impact of sports on tourism during the Bay County Tourism Development Council Meeting on Tuesday. The Publix Sports Complex, which opened in 2019, has hosted 250 events bringing in over 400 thousand visitors who have stayed a total of 1.3 million days. Visitors to the area have spent more than $271 million in Bay County, showcasing the success of the sports tourism industry.

Despite the success, the area is currently lacking an indoor facility for sporting events. The Tourist Development Council mentioned the upcoming Coca-Cola Event Center, which aims to host indoor sporting events, meetings, and other activities. The Executive Director of the Bay County TDC, Dan Rowe, expressed excitement for the new addition, stating that it will further enhance Panama City Beach as a destination.

Sports tourism officials believe that the Coca-Cola Event Center will have a positive impact on sporting events in the area. Chris O’Brien, the Director of Sports Tourism, mentioned that the new center will allow for more events in the winter, particularly indoor court sports like basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. The center will provide opportunities to host cheerleading and dance competitions as well during the winter season.

Overall, the addition of the Coca-Cola Event Center is expected to support the growth of sports tourism in Panama City Beach and offer a versatile space for a variety of events throughout the year.


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