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Sports Betting Gains Advocates in Oklahoma


Jun 2, 2023

Residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma are divided on the issue of legalizing sports betting. While some, like Angelo Hernandez, believe it should be legalized because other states are doing so and it’s a matter of fairness, others, like Kiandre Cobb, see the potential for mobile betting to bring in revenue.

The sports betting bill, HB 1027, passed in the House in March but failed to pass in the Senate in April. The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association is working to ensure that tribes are educated about the unique position of each tribe.

Residents who support sports betting are hoping that Oklahoma will eventually legalize it, allowing them to bet on popular sports like football, soccer, and basketball.

Despite the differing opinions, many agree that Oklahoma could benefit from mobile betting, which allows individuals to go online and place a bid without going to a casino. The future of sports betting in Oklahoma remains uncertain, but it’s clear that residents have strong feelings about it.

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