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Sports Performance Center: A Hub of Excellence


Sep 11, 2023

The Washington University in St. Louis Athletics Department has launched the Center of Excellence initiative, which focuses on five core areas to develop and prepare Scholar-Champions for the present and future. These core areas are Sports Performance, Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Enrichment Services, and the upcoming Well-Being Suite. By combining these areas, WashU aims to provide a competitive advantage to student-athletes, helping them become successful Scholar-Champions.

Anthony J. Azama, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the John M. Schael Director of Athletics, emphasizes WashU’s exceptional education and athletic environment. The Center of Excellence aims to maximize the potential of student-athletes in spite of tough competition and provide them with the necessary experiences, resources, and guidance to succeed beyond their undergraduate studies.

In the following days, each of the five core areas of the Center of Excellence will be highlighted. These areas differentiate WashU Athletics from other institutions. The first area is the Sports Performance Center.

The Sports Performance Center is a brand new, 7,000 square-foot facility built specifically for WashU student-athletes. It was established in January 2023 and features three full-time coaches and several part-time coaches to better serve the athletes. Terry O’Neill, Head Sports Performance Coach, expresses excitement about the Center of Excellence initiative and its holistic approach. The center combines mental health, nutrition, sports performance, and sports medicine to create an inclusive and cutting-edge approach.

The Sports Performance Center can accommodate up to 80 athletes at a time, allowing for large-group team training. It is equipped with high-quality training equipment, including rack stations, plates and bars, turf flooring, lifting machines, medicine balls, plyo box sets, and more. Moreover, the center incorporates state-of-the-art Perch technology, which uses cameras to track various workout metrics. This technology helps the sports performance team analyze weight room performance and enhance individual workouts.

Matthew Schmal from the football team expresses his amazement at the new Sports Performance Center and the opportunities it provides. The facility offers top-of-the-line equipment and features iPads to track performance metrics. This allows athletes to push themselves and monitor their progress effectively during training sessions.

Overall, WashU’s Sports Performance Center is a significant addition to the Center of Excellence initiative. It provides exceptional training opportunities and resources for student-athletes, helping them reach their full potential.

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