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Sports radio hosts discuss voting at the stadium on election day


Apr 3, 2024

On Tuesday, the talk of the town in Kansas City is the upcoming vote in Jackson County. From local bars to sports talk radio shows, everyone is discussing the impact of this important decision. Sports Radio 810′s Stephen St. John emphasized the significance of the day, calling it a big day for both Kansas City and Jackson County.

Host Nate Bukaty also weighed in, acknowledging that the outcome of the vote will have a lasting impact on the city’s future. Todd Leabo, a longtime sports broadcaster and Jackson County resident, has been leading the coverage of the stadium vote on Sports Radio 810. He explained that the Royals have made it clear that they will not continue playing at Truman Sports Complex after 2031.

Leabo highlighted the importance of this vote, noting that it only happens about once a generation. He emphasized the role of social media in shaping public opinion on the issue, explaining that it allows for more voices to be heard. Despite the differing opinions on the matter, Leabo stressed the privilege of being able to vote on such an important issue in America.

St. John urged eligible voters in Jackson County to participate in the decision-making process, emphasizing the historic nature of the day in Kansas City. As the community eagerly awaits the outcome of the vote, it is clear that the future of sports in the region hangs in the balance.

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