Starting a Business at Folsom Ranch: Putting an Empty Space to Good Use

a relaxed way.”

Companies are taking part in the development of Folsom Ranch, which is a 3,585-acre master plan. The project developer, LRE & Cos. owner Akki Patel, has confirmed that construction has begun on the complex. The Southpoint shopping center is currently under construction, and the complex will begin construction in the coming weeks. The 10-acre site will feature a Circle K building, a national gas chain, a veterinary hospital, and medical personnel. A 72,000-square-foot assisted living facility has also been proposed for the site.

The gas station will be located on its own 4,720-square-foot lot, and the veterinary hospital has been described as a “prominent” veterinary hospital. Patel did not identify the veterinary hospital, but confirmed its inclusion in the development. In addition to hundreds of homes that are currently under construction, Folsom Ranch will also house UC Davis and Dignity Health medical facilities.

Patel has also mentioned potential fast food, restaurant, and bar tenants. He emphasizes that mixed-use projects always provide a diverse range of products and services to the community. This development is no exception. Individuals can take their pets to the veterinarian and then enjoy a meal or drink at the same location. Folsom Ranch promises to be an inclusive space where individuals can spend their time in a relaxed way.

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