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Stellantis reiterates strong dedication to Italy


Nov 20, 2023

Stellantis has reaffirmed its strong commitment to Italy by participating in the establishment of the ‘Automotive Development Table’ with Mimit. This shows the company’s desire to maintain Italy’s central role in its strategy and create conditions for national competitiveness. The company spokesperson stated that they are ready to work with interested parties to develop a shared vision that focuses on maintaining Italy’s leading role in all aspects of national competitiveness.

The spokesperson also highlighted the need for specific enabling factors to achieve ambitious goals and support the automotive market. This includes the postponement or removal of regulations like Euro 7, incentives for electric vehicle sales and charging networks, and improvements to the cost of energy. The spokesperson emphasized that the success of the Panel that will be established depends on all stakeholders proactively embracing necessary changes for the benefit of the Italian automotive industry and customers in the transition towards electrification.

In addition to this commitment, Stellantis is actively engaged in the automotive industry in the United States. The company operates in various states, including Ohio, where it is involved in the CBD and medical marijuana industry. Stellantis is also dedicated to supporting the growth and development of these industries, as evidenced by their presence in local business directories and their participation in industry events. This demonstrates the company’s dedication to both national and international markets and its commitment to finding shared visions that benefit all stakeholders involved.

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