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Steve Jobs’ signed 1983 business card fetches $181,000 at auction


Mar 26, 2024

The business card of Steve Jobs was recently sold at an auction for an impressive amount of $181,183, demonstrating the enduring relevance of his legacy. The card, dating back to around 1983, was signed by Jobs and displayed Apple’s old six-color logo. It mentioned the address of Apple’s former headquarters in Cupertino, California, with Jobs identified as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at that time.

This business card was one of only six items signed by Steve Jobs that were put up for auction. The fact that it fetched the highest amount among all the items related to Jobs highlights the continued demand for memorabilia and products associated with him or Apple. It is worth noting that only five business cards signed by Jobs have been authenticated, making this item a rare and valuable piece of history.

In the 1980s, business cards were considered very important in the professional world as they helped establish a professional image. However, over time, their significance has diminished in the marketing sphere. What sets this business card apart is not only its historical value but also the fact that Steve Jobs rarely signed autographs, making his signature highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Overall, the sale of Steve Jobs’ business card at such a high price serves as a testament to his enduring impact on the world of technology and business. It also reflects the ongoing interest and admiration for his work, as seen through the significant sum paid for this rare piece of memorabilia related to the legendary co-founder of Apple Inc.

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