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Steven Tyler Encourages Visitors to Return to Maui and Aid in Economic Recovery


Sep 3, 2023

Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith, is known for his ties to Boston, but he also has a special connection to the Hawaiian island of Maui. With a home on the island, Tyler is now urging vacationers to return to Maui to aid in the recovery of the island’s economy, which was devastated by wildfires last month. During the band’s farewell tour opening night in Philadelphia, Tyler encouraged the audience to not be afraid to travel back to Maui. He specifically mentioned Lahaina, south Maui, Paia, and Hana as areas that were unaffected by the fires and still open for tourists. Tyler emphasized the importance of making Maui even more beautiful by visiting and supporting the island.

Initially, officials, including Governor Josh Green, advised tourists to stay away from Maui during the recovery period following the fires. However, they soon realized the significant impact that tourism has on the island’s economy and the residents’ ability to restore normalcy to their lives. Tyler’s daughter, Mia, was among those who discouraged tourists from coming to Maui immediately after the fires. Currently, there are 385 people listed as missing from the fires, and the town of Lahaina was reduced to rubble. Strong winds and fast-spreading flames caused extensive destruction in a matter of hours. Half of Lahaina’s 12,000 residents are now displaced and living in hotels and short-term vacation rentals. The reconstruction process is expected to take years and cost billions of dollars.

In an effort to help Maui recover, Steven Tyler is using his platform to encourage people to return to the island. He recognizes the beauty that still exists in certain parts of Maui and understands the importance of tourism for the island’s economy. By supporting the recovery efforts and visiting Maui, tourists can contribute to the rebuilding process and help the residents return to a sense of normalcy.

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