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Strategies for Gaining Admission to Your Desired University of Applied Sciences


Feb 11, 2024

The vice president of the University of Applied Sciences Conference, Andreas Breinbauer, provides insights into how to improve your chances of getting into universities of applied sciences. With limited study places and high demand, it’s important to prepare well for the admissions process. For example, last year there were 165 free places for the bachelor’s degree in physical therapy at FH Campus Vienna, but there were 1,300 applications.

Breinbauer emphasizes the importance of being able to explain why you want to study a particular subject and work in a specific area. He stresses the need for applicants to showcase their motivation and passion for their chosen field, as this can greatly improve their chances of acceptance.

In addition, it’s crucial to thoroughly research the admission formalities for the courses you’re interested in. Different programs have different application processes, such as assessment centers, personal interviews, portfolios, and written tests, so it’s important to be informed about what is required for each program.

Breinbauer also recommends demonstrating extracurricular commitment, such as volunteer work or involvement in clubs, to showcase individual responsibility and initiative. This additional experience can set applicants apart and improve their chances of acceptance.

Finally, he advises applicants to attend information events and open days to leave a good impression with targeted, competent questions. Being informed and interested in the subject shows dedication and can help improve your chances of being accepted. Additionally, being punctual and showing up on time is key, as it can contribute to a positive impression.

In conclusion, the application process for universities of applied sciences is competitive, but by demonstrating motivation, researching admission formalities, showcasing extracurricular commitment, and leaving a good impression at information events, applicants can greatly improve their chances of acceptance.

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