Strategy of LBS Dean François Ortallo-Magne unveiled

United Renewables Limited is proud to announce the launch of Season 2 of the podcast series Conversations on Climate in collaboration with the London Business School Energy Alumni Club. The first episode features a conversation with François Ortalo-Magne, the Dean of the London Business School, discussing the teaching of a world-class business school, sustainability in business, and the future of LBS. Ortalo-Magne highlights the importance of staying true to the school’s traditions of academic freedom, rigor, and excellence, while adapting to a rapidly changing world. The podcast is hosted by Christopher Caldwell, CEO of United Renewables, entrepreneur, and a growing authority on the digital climate debate.

Conversations on Climate brings together the brightest minds in academia and business to share their expertise on pressing issues related to climate change. Season 2 delves even deeper into the world of sustainable business practices, offering practical tips and insights on how businesses can thrive in a changing world. From seasoned veterans to budding entrepreneurs, guests will share diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to global environmental challenges. The podcast aims to form a community of thinkers, researchers, policy makers, and business leaders to discuss challenges ahead and provide solutions to global climate and environmental challenges.

Listeners can subscribe to the podcast on YouTube or follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to get the latest episodes. For more on the climate conversation, visit the United Renewables website.

François Ortalo-Magne is the Dean of the School of Business at the London Business School, promoting the vision of collaborative learning. He is a former dean of the School of Business in Wisconsin and holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Minnesota. Christopher Caldwell is the CEO and founder of United Renewables, focusing on wind, solar, tidal, and anaerobic technologies, as well as a growing authority on the digital climate debate.

Conversations on Climate is a must-listen for business leaders who want to advance sustainability and make an impact in today’s world.

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