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Strengthening Gender Equality in Science: The Challenge Ahead


Feb 11, 2024

Three brilliant scientists recently hosted a conference called Women who inspire, achievements and challenges at the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico. The event was held in honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, promoted by UNESCO and UN-Women. The conference aimed to encourage girls to pursue careers in science, despite the common misconception that these fields are not for women.

The speakers, Isabel Gómez, Érika Bustos, and Citlali Trueba, all recipients of the L’Oréal-UNESCO-AMC Award, shared their experiences and encouraged the audience to pursue their passion for science. They emphasized the importance of promoting gender equality in the technological field and debunking the false belief that women cannot succeed in these careers.

Isabel Gómez, a biologist, shared her journey of falling in love with science at a young age and overcoming the challenges and doubts that came her way. Citlali Trueba talked about her passion for biology and understanding how living beings work inside. Érika Bustos described her work in environmental electrochemistry and her passion for designing surfaces to recognize and prevent contaminants.

The speakers’ messages were especially inspiring to the girls in the audience, who were encouraged to pursue their dreams in science. The event served as a reminder that women have made significant contributions to various fields of knowledge and continue to break barriers in science and technology.

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