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Strong storms in southern Brazil over the weekend result in at least seven deaths


Nov 21, 2023

The authorities of the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil, have confirmed the death of at least seven people as a result of the intense rains that have hit the area in recent days, since the end of week. The governor of Rio Grande del Sur, Eduardo Leite, has reported on his official Twitter profile that rescue services have located the lifeless body of a 67-year-old woman inside a flooded home, bringing the total number of deaths in the state to four. On Saturday, the death of a 51-year-old woman and her 86-year-old mother was confirmed after the storm devastated their home, while on Sunday a man died inside her car, swept away by the current. In the neighboring state of Santa Catarina, the death of a 46-year-old woman who was traveling on a jet ski when she collided with an electrical wiring system has been confirmed, and two other women lost their lives in her vehicle. The Civil Defense of Santa Catarina reported that more than 60 municipalities were affected by the rains, 17 of them declared in a state of emergency, and another five considered to be in a situation of calamity. In Rio Grande del Sur, authorities have confirmed that more than 150 towns have been affected by inclement weather, leaving more than 13,250 people homeless and more than 3,700 homes destroyed.

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